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Climate Colab

Feb 18, 2015


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Congratulations on making it to the Semi-Finals for the Urban Heat Island Effect contest. Please take into consideration the comments left by the judges and do please incorporate that feedback into your final proposal. We look forward to seeing your ideas finalized in the next iteration!

Jennifer Lawrence

Feb 18, 2015


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Dear TempTalker: The CoLab had a typo in their previous message to you. The proposal revision period closes on March 1st, NOT the 31st. Below are your proposal's comments from the judging team. Thank you for participating! Judge 1: The incentives, while appearing in details, are somewhat vague. Perhaps the deployment plan should be more detailed when it comes to how to motivate early adopters, and technologies that will be used for cooling should be highlighted and chosen carefully, so as they don't produce heat themselves. For the motivations and identifying areas of priority and direct impact, work with group 'MyHeat' may generate suitable targeting drivers, and perhaps thinking about how Cambridge is actually a heating-dominated climate should be taken into account. Judge 2: I like this idea a lot! It is similar in some ways to programs that electric utilities have tried out, to get customers to reduce their electricity usage - goal-setting, feedback, appealing incentives. Perhaps the local utility (Eversource, formerly known as NSTAR) can be a partner? I'd like more detail on a few things: 1. how the City would measure the change in electricity used for cooling. If estimating a change in the full month bill, it will be difficult to attribute changes specifically to avoiding electricity use on hot humid days rather than on other days (or that the month is a cooler one than usual.) 2. how to get businesses to participate - how will the $ be generated from community partners? Or perhaps businesses would donate prizes for a lottery? 3. How will incentives be disbursed? What is the amount of $ a Cool Cash participant expect to receive?

Evan Kuras

Feb 22, 2015


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Thank you for the feedback!!! I would love to provide more concrete details in this proposal, but there is very limited space in the text boxes. What recommendations do you have so that I can add more text to the proposal? Or should I address some of the Judges' questions in this comment section?

Hanaa Rohman

Feb 23, 2015


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Hi there, The judges will be reading the proposal and not the comments, so any essential information for understanding your proposal should fit into the proposal template. However, you may submit supplemental materials (images, in-depth explanations, etc.) via email. Keep in mind that judges will have limited time to study each proposal, so it's important to be clear and concise! Best, Hanaa

Laur Hesse Fisher

Mar 4, 2015


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Dear proposal authors: The Finalist selection phase has been extended so Judges could finalize their comments. The Fellow team will be in touch with more details as they arise. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ~~ Laur Climate CoLab Project Manager

Climate Colab

Mar 6, 2015


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Dear TempTalker: Thank you again for submitting this CoLab proposal. This proposal outlines a great community engagement process and has aspects that are fresh and new. We really like how public health was an aspect. While it is a great proposal, we feel that it focuses much more on energy efficiency than UHI. Thank you again for submitting a proposal. Sincerely, Jen
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