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Hanaa Rohman

Feb 5, 2015


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Hi Sid, Thanks for your proposal! What are your ideas for getting commercial buildings to adopt this technology? How much heat is recovered from this system and what might the costs be for implementation on a pilot project in Cambridge? Good luck finishing up your proposal today! Best, Hanaa

Sid Abma

Feb 5, 2015


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Hi Hanaa Is my proposal not complete?

Jennifer Lawrence

Feb 6, 2015


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Hi Sid: Your the guidelines for the project are seeking to guide programs toward Cambridge-specific ideas. If you feel your proposal fits the following guidelines, then you are complete. I think that Hanaa was trying to help you to get further towards filling all the guidelines. Contest Guidelines The City of Cambridge seeks proposals that meet the following criteria: - All proposals must be specific, location-based (Cambridge-specific), realistic, actionable, relevant, and measurable. - Projects that are most successful will target neighborhoods with the highest heat index in Cambridge. - Proposals should demonstrate effectiveness and will describe how success will be measured. - Proposals should detail expected benefits and costs, including ideas for funding projects. - Proposals will be creative and will not just target the ‘low-hanging fruit.’ Hope that helps! Jen

Climate Colab

Feb 18, 2015


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Thank you for your proposal. Although it has merit, we feel that there was not enough connection to the local Cambridge community to proceed to the next round. We hope that you will submit another proposal next time!