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Venkatesh R

Oct 13, 2014


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The transition of fuel is not going to happen in one day, though the idea supports fossil fuels, its for a reason,for the developing countries change takes place slowly, they may be using old vehicles, so it is important that the mileage of these vehicles are good. So the injection of green house gas volume will be reduced.

Hanaa Rohman

Feb 5, 2015


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Hi there, Thanks for your proposal! In order to move forward in our contest, please frame your idea in a way that explains how it will help mitigate the heat island effect in Cambridge. Don't forget to make any changes by the deadline tonight. Best, Hanaa

Climate Colab

Feb 18, 2015


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Thank you for submitting a proposal. Unfortunately, the contest closed before the proposal was completed. We hope that you will consider submitting another in the future.