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Bruce Best

Jun 6, 2014


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All readers and Climate CoLab contributors should remember it is not the Co2 that is the problem but it is the source. Fossil Co2 input into our atmosphere is the critical problem right now. If methods can be found that recycle existing airborne Co2 and or let the planet reduce that existing airborne Co2 in our air then many of the existing technologies and infrastructure will serve long into the future. Most importantly they will serve until newer more efficient batteries, or other storage devices can be developed cost effectively to allow a slow and efficient transition from one technology to another. Such technologies already exist. Co2 can be very efficiently removed from the atmosphere and if combined with a hydrogen source can be made into CARBON NEUTRAL liquid hydrocarbon fuels using the mature technologies of synthetic fuel production. The problem is to find a source of energy to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. That is the big problem. There are at least three potential methods of doing that if tried.