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Paul Wolfram

Jun 18, 2014


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Do you consider your proposal to have a big impact? Could the impact be increased somehow? Are positive effects on the environmnet quantifiable?

Aaron Kahn

Jun 30, 2014


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Hi Paul, I appreciate your questions. Today I'm going to find material to quantify/qualify the proposal. I do consider the proposal to have a "potentially" big impact. I'm not doing anything new just confronting the problems in the carpooling process. The impact would change exponentially if it goes into the popular interest. The positive effects have been considered by many before me. I will cite prior works. Kind Regards, Aaron Kahn Geologist

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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The main idea is definitely not new and less effective with respect to others competing ideas. Therefore, in order to be appealing, the proposal should focus on innovations and/or novel implementation on the topic. In that respect, authors' basic contribution seems to be only in using specific social networks as communities for disseminating/implementing car sharing. Moreover, also the impact evaluation is almost completely missing.