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Paul Wolfram

Jun 17, 2014


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I like the idea as it offers a step-wise phase-out for car manufacturers so they can adapt. Did you consider a differentiation of big and small car manufacturers? I think it might be fair if bigger (more polluting) car manufacturers would reduce more than 3% and smaller (less polluting) car manufacturers less than 3%.

Gary Munkhoff

Jul 18, 2014


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Hi Paul, You make a good point, and it is something that I did not think of, but then there are many good ideas that I, as just one individual, would never think of. That is why having the broad task force is important, and that they have the ability to take public comments. Thanks for your input, Gary

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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The idea of large-scale, policy-driven change through a "moonshot" initiative is not new. The authors provide some nice mottos to support it but how could they convince the US president, senate, congress and the misled public? Already they cite some great books/authors and little has been achieved towards this end.