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Paul Wolfram

Jun 18, 2014


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Unfortunately your proposal is in Spanish which makes it impossible to understand for a lot of people here at ClimateCoLab or at least for me. But what I can read from the title rises the question what you are exactly focusing on? It seems you are trying to tackle a lot of different big issues at once.

Robert Dedomenico

Jun 18, 2014


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Caroline, You are on the right track in focusing on lighter, more energy efficient vehicles. There are a lot of different goals in your proposal, and they are good and noble ones, and a focus on the main one (or even two), with the plan on enjoying the beneficial side effects, may be easier to successfully implement. I hope you will join the invite I sent, and pursue some disired side effects through the concept. Take your time in thinking about the potential, and in the meantime... you have my vote! Sincerely, Robert

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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Electric bikes are a reality in large parts of the world and certainly a great solution. Tuk-tuk bikes are widely available in Asia. This proposal tried to combine the two with the idea of local manufacturing / remodeling of the bike using plastic bottles - this technique is never really elucidated so with the evidence at hand it does not seem workable. The idea of a solar PV panel for charging the bike ON the bike is likely not workable/sensible due to weight, aerodynamics, and actual charge times. A specific study on these issues is also required.