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Sustainable Transport#BikeTaxi combining Recycled plastic bottles, the use of Solar Panels & increased labor force and training of Women



The Project consists of: • Bikes with a rear seat adapted to carry up to 2 people per trip with protective roof and side • The special vehicle is: • A) can be launched through the pedals of the bicycle or also through a Mono flexible solar panel for the case of having to travel long distances or driver fatigue. B) BikeTaxis and security panels will be produced with recycling plastic bottles, a rather innovative green technology. • Serve as a means of mobile advertising. • They will be led by women trained and registered for driving taxis, city tours or transport of small loads. • The driver will be women and young people from the communities in situations of exclusion, violence, poverty and marginalization in what they're getting not only a legal and well-paid work as transportation, but also be strengthened in their personal value future users as educators on the need to reduce the carbon footprint and the use of clean, free and renewable energy.

Category of the action

Building efficiency: Physical Action

What actions do you propose?

Physical actions are:

 * Prototype testing conforming to the City. 

* Expand the width of bicycle lanes bicycle taxis you can tour the city on a dedicated lane. 

* For the creation of industry recycling plastic bottles. 

* Creating a Green Company in conjunction with the City. 

* Set the circuit path areas of greatest conflict and the impact of vehicular pollution to generate environmental awareness. 

* Select and train female drivers. Input suppliers bidding for the construction.

 * Operate transport services as authorized. benefits: Ecological Transport Medium and Funny It meets the needs of the alternatives in the city transport in chaotic place and highly contaminated carbon footprint. Reduce Carbon Footprint Sensitizes and use alternative energy Exercise provides the driver communicate It is a model for easily extensible for transportation home to be used by young mothers and small roads as transporting children to school, shopping in supermarkets transportation, light cargo transport for home sustainable public transport can also be used by small farmers, gardeners for transport and delivery of their products. , Light transport and economic information. 100% sustainable, alternative, friendly and fun 

# Women Movement Green Circle bring areas Economic Development for the purchase of these vehicles and motivation to others living within the city buy one way (women can bring their children to the safest way) and transfer of different home shopping. Sport as integration activity because it could promote cycling by using GreenTaxis and young drivers, arousing great social impact. 

Green Taxis Women Movement Green Circle # Women also:

 • creating value generate social and cultural • promote modern and inclusive management of women in vulnerable employment conditions; linking a gender policy to promote care environment, sustainable mobility and clean energy, the promotion of sport as an integrating activity. 

• An enabling environment for the development of technology and innovation in industries to design and bicycle frames from recycled plastic bottles or as alternative materials to complete the concept of mobility and environmental sustainability environment materials.

 • Facilitate the integration of the Centers for Community Inclusion, strengthening the interests, needs and desires of the female community Inclusive Portale. • Would promote social entrepreneurship and business culture. 

• are aligned with Proposition Habitat and Inclusion Buenos Aires City for economic empowerment of women and strengthening the community through women of the Greens in the south of the city.

 • Green Circle # Motion, expressed as "Green Company" for women that perform economic economic activity related to the care of the environment along with the creation of green jobs

Who will take these actions?

Government stakeholders are the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, legislators, officials and equipment referred to government programs: BsAs green, tourism, inclusion and Habitat City. Participating companies and qualified supplier would produce recycled bicycle frames, solar panels and accessories. Stakeholder organizations meet women, groups of women in situations of exclusion south of the city, media and social enterprises of bicycle taxis.

Where will these actions be taken?

This form of movement would be through bike waysestablished in the City of Buenos Aires. This vehicle is designed and intended for use in the city and around Buenos since each city has its own peculiarities in relation to climate and needs.This prototype vehicles in use in other cities, especially in Europe, but also added value in considering Mainstreaming Gender, integrating not only to public policy, in this case the City of Buenos Aires, but also the gender perspective in programs and environmental sustainability so that companies can be scalable elsewhere.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Given that the expansion of bike taxis and bicycle lane expands and restricting the use of cars and / or private taxis in the city and on a day when the average car can reach 194.7 emit carbon footprint , multiply 360 days would be reduced by 70,092 a year for a car. 

If we aspire in the first section of the implementation of emission reduction of 1,000 cars reduce carbon footprint 70,092,000.

What are other key benefits?

Women Movement Green Circle under the Plan of the City of Buenos Aires 2014 

• reach over 1,000,000 people due to the population of the City of Buenos Aires came to 10,000,000 million dollars in it as much economic activity is concentrated in formal employment (64%) of the ownership and nearby residents.

 • Would benefit from working in a sustainable and economic mobility, and personally.

 • This fact encourage the creation of public policies that facilitate the creation and establishment of new enterprises and business projects (such as plastics recycling industry and production and the creation of solar energy), the development of a new sustainable culture networking between the world of knowledge (who manufacture bikes recycled) with the business of sustainable mobility.



What are the proposal’s costs?

Some negative costs for civil society that have not yet internalized the importance of climate change could be: 

* Complaints to reduce gasoline cars entering the city. 

* Slightly slower mobility of bicycle taxis in relation to traditional taxis


Time line

The application would be a real change and progressively aware 5-15 years to implement this new transportation including taxi, alternative model for walking and reduce car entry to the city 15-50 years all vehicles and personal work on solar energy 50-100 expand the use of alternative energy to all uses: household, commercial and industrial

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