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Make it easier, cheaper, and more pleasant to use public transportation than to drive ones own car.



     Having a personal car is a social norm in the majority of the United States. It is a luxury that we have taken too far. We live on this plant together and we are to a point where we must learn to be together.

     Make it financially difficult to buy a car, to maintain a car, and to get a drivers license. Price public transportation to balance its quality and the growth of the system. The price of the system will most certainly be more financially reasonable.

    This will create a greater demand for public transportation thus increasing its revenues. This increase in revenue will allow the system to develop and become widespread. Force people out of the laziness of personal cars by making it financially unreasonable, and put the auto industry to work in the public transportation sector.

    We will all get to work in the morning faster and possibly get to sleep in later.

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