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Transportation 2014

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Mar 9, 2014 08:00 EDT - Jul 20, 2014 11:59 EDT
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Jul 21, 2014 12:00 EDT - Aug 5, 2014 08:00 EDT
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Sep 3, 2014 12:00 EDT - Oct 2, 2014 12:00 EDT
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Oct 2, 2014 12:01 EDT
How can CO2 emissions from the transportation sector be reduced?

Modern transportation has become an enabler of the global, connected economy. However, the increase in activity has caused transportation energy demand to rise, and due to this sector’s oil dependence, CO2 emissions from transportation are growing at the highest rate among those from all end-use sectors. This contest seeks proposals that offer innovative ideas, or build upon existing ones, to reduce CO2 emissions in transportation.

45 Proposals
Pollution prediction meter in automobiles & display panels over the roads + Emissions trading
Marketing outreach to consumers and business owners. Help spread the word about the benefits of electric vehicles and charging stations.
eRev finances V2G-capable electric vehicles so they provide grid storage, generate revenue, and cost less than traditional vehicles.
Instantaneous synchronisation of vessel’s roll period to ocean wave frequency, efficiently harvesting wave energy for vessel’s propulsion
A nationwide transportation system based on shared electric cars in a network of toll roads that control and provide power to the vehicles.
EPA should use its authority under the Clean Air Act to implement a cap-and-trade program for vehicle fuels.
Why drive a 4,000 lb car for only 20 lb of groceries? Or a 1 oz prescription? This behavior is routine, but is it sustainable? Or necessary?
Easily planning routes using public transport is key to increasing ridership. VAMOS does this in developing countries, where the growth is.
Reduce traffic, pollution, and improve national health at the same time.
The proposed automated General Transportation System is safe, fast, quiet, energy efficient and can make cars obsolete.
Transport and economic development are intrinsically linked, with the former enabling,facilitating and catalysing development.
Rebuild our transportation system as shared vehicles, all electric but without reliance on fossil fuels or batteries.
Car sharing economic impact is significant yet unrecognized. A formal economic analysis could help raise awareness among public officials.
Sustainable Transport#BikeTaxi combining Recycled plastic bottles, the use of Solar Panels & increased labor force and training of Women
MONITORING MOBILITY Introducing "personal mobility cards" to use in public transport as well as when driving (digital tachographs + GPS)
Asphalt is very HOT during daytime hours when the sun is out. Transfer that heat energy into mechanical energy then into electrical energy.
Considering ongoing era,the CO2 production can be cancelled to minimal level and search for green fuel concept are to be launched.
Planification for cooperative of respectful members to subsidise design, fabrication and commerce of Respect Of Speed Efficient (ROSE) cars.
A Google Maps Lab feature that shows the GHGs emissions of your travel options
I proposes engineering a road that uses kinetic, solar and wind energy to collect power. I know that storage is also a factor.
My idea in a nutshell is to update our traffic light systems to reduce the time people sit in traffic or at a red light.
Thermal energy & kinetic energy conversion of the Gulfstream to lower Co2 GHG emissions anywhere between 300ppm/350 ppm in 20 years.
The volume of biomass needed to replace all FF use is simply vast. The oceans provide us with the space and raw nutrients needed for this.
A national goal and a broad program to eliminate the petroleum fueled internal combustion engine by 2050 will reduce CO2 emissions
Internal Combustion engines use combustion forces to move drive train of automobiles.My idea uses the wasted heat to move drive train too.
Everything you see in here today has been created with fossil fuels. Yet the greatest form of energy goes Over Looked. It is Kinetic Energy.
Have you ever wondered what comes out of the back of a car? What is in that gray cloud of smoke that appears whenever you start the vehicle?
Fuel less self sustained electric generator for use in unlimited range electric car.
I suggest that if you were to build a car grill with mini wind mills, that would add to the mileage of an electric vehicle.
Energy Multiplying Accelerator Plate. I invented an efficient solution for Green Electric. My proof of concept, is my Electrical Generator
Force the industrie and government to use alternate power in today's car.
It's (much) faster to bike somewhere when you have a tailwind.
this is the great inovation for human being ever
I would propose to install small wind turbine generators by modifying existing e-cars. Instead of pushing the atmosphere away, harness it.
I would propose to install small wind turbine generators by modifying existing e-cars. Instead of pushing the atmosphere away, harness it.
The idea is to have solar powered blimps that distrubute wifi and filter the air .
Make it easier, cheaper, and more pleasant to use public transportation than to drive ones own car.
Professionals and Academics utilizing carpooling to network and build communities to reduce the environmental impact
Saving high on CO2 emission by lessening the traffic load on highways during peak hours by increasing it during non peak hours.
By aligning incentives between shiponwers and charterters, profitable energy-saving measures will be taken to reduce CO2 emissions.
Parking is expensive to provide. The cost often lowers wages and increases prices, even for non-drivers. We need to unbundle the cost.
A 450ppm CO2e(2 degreeC warmer )World requires a Transformation to a Sustainable Energy Future
Mark some metered spaces to let EVs park free, and reserve some prime spots for them in parking lots.