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Peter Joseph

Jul 3, 2014


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This is a very thoughtful proposal. I would love to see it linked to our "Little Engine That Could" under US Carbon Price. Imagine the two working synergistically. A no brainer.

Mike Bellamente

Jul 7, 2014


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Thanks Peter. I've always been a fan of the CFD approach. Seems like the most attractive/effective way for getting big emitters to internalize the cost of carbon. I'm open to ideas on how we could link ideas. Best, Mike

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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Building a "cool" and meaningful pro-environmental consumer goods label is a laudable goal, and the CODE:BLUE moniker has a nice ring to it. Of course, such labels already exist for food (organic, rainforest alliance) and consumer appliances (energy star), but the idea to have one that's applicable to a broader range of consumer goods (jeans, etc.) is a good one. That said, the idea isn't really original, as there are lots of smaller movements of this kind that can be found with a quick internet search. If this reached the status and level of the "pink ribbon" campaign, though, that would be impressive. Because this idea isn't very novel, it's hard to get excited about it in the abstract; however, it is possible this could become a widely recognized symbol that powerfully shapes consumer choices. But I worry that-- like with organic, fair trade, etc -- it will be mostly those who care and are doing their part already that will be attracted, and thus, others who need to be reached (or who can't afford these premium products) may be excluded. It is not clear how this idea is different from the campaigns run by Greenpeace, WWF etc