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Paulo Borges De Brito

May 6, 2014


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That's a very interesting proposal. I would add in the "What actions do you propose?" section a multidisciplinary team to conduct a cost-benefit analysis. As an economist, I would say that it is important to look at different gaps in the analysis so you would need economists, business people, and government organizations to be included so that so that the analysis will fill as many gaps as possible. All kinds of economic and non-economic values should be included in the cost-benefit analysis (that would be important for your other key benefits section). You would probably need to develop a survey in the future. Lastly, a methodology of "How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?" needs to be developed. A good approach could be through "carbon stocks". A good website with good methodologies to look at

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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Interesting idea and useful on a small scale. Won't have much impact on climate, but does promote good sustainable behavior. The nice thing about this proposal is that it can actually accomplish its goals. --- (1) It is a limited coverage or first luxury brand products, the first is a brand of mulch which is widely used and available. It does not provide information about five options – Where will these actions be taken? How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels? What are other key benefits? Time line, Related proposals, and References.