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Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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Novelty: 3/5 Industrial-scale production of marine biomass for use as biofuel and fertilizer. Workability: 2/5 Questions about long-term viability and scalability of the proposed technology. Few details are given of short- to medium-term development pathways. Effectiveness: 3/5 Potentially a big lever, due to the high solar energy incident on the ocean. Scale-up appears challenging. Thoroughness: 3/5 Details needed on short- to medium-term actions, actors and costs. What intermediate milestone can demonstrate proof-of-concept, before the whole $750 million is required? Presentation: 3/5 Good, but not entirely convincing that there is a benefit, and that it will be worth the cost. --- (1) It is a very complete list of items that are addressed in this presentation. Plans to apply it in many parts of the world and also through EPA, NOAA, White House, etc. May not be easy to get these groups to approve such activities. EPA has had a tough time getting approval from House agency on activities that control emissions. Also, these actions may take a long time to implement. (2) Work is based on global activities. (3) The program will be an ongoing endeavor for decades. Unfortunately, there will be no reduction in emissions for the first 20 years. The project thus may not be as attractive from this view point.

Michael Hayes

Aug 9, 2014


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In an effort to answer the questions raised in the other contests, which the overall IMBECS Protocol proposal has reached the semi-final level, I've created a Google Doc to help avoid character limitations and provide working links to key references. Many questions being asked about the IMBECS Protocol requires more than simplistic answers. The Google Doc., titled simply 'Response to the MIT Climate CoLab Questions', can be found at the below address. The above document will be up-dated until completion of all related contests.