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Aug 6, 2014


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Novelty: 3/5 A series of actions to reduce GHG emissions from the agriculture, livestock and forestry sectors in Bangladesh. Workability: 2/5 While the goals are laudable, the proposal describes no mechanism to achieve them. Effectiveness: 3/5 IF implemented in Bangladesh and beyond, the actions could lead to substantial GHG emission reduction. Thoroughness: 2/5 The proposal is lacking in specific achievable steps, specific actors, and costs. Presentation: 3/5 A good macro-level presentation on the issues, but as a proposal for concrete actions it is lacking in essential detail. --- This is a very comprehensive proposal, well thought out and with many feasible elements. The background and issues appear to be well understood and documented. What needs to be done is laid out clearly. But the big issue here is who will undertake this work - from what is said here it appears to be the government of Bangladesh? If so, then the proper mode of support would be a combination of Bangladesh funds and overseas development funds from AID agencies, not the MIT Climate CoLab contest. And it is not clear who has submitted this - all we see is "Starry Eyed Planners." That's not enough for me to say that I understand who is responsible. I expect that Bangladesh will need help to make this happen. But without knowing who are the responsible parties, I have to rank the proposal low on workability.