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Neil Harrison

Jun 15, 2014


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An unusual idea that would benefit from some additional investigation and elaboration. I suggest that you consider developing solutions to evident problems and link it with data about Amazon to further develop it. For example, Amazon is using local drop locations in several cities where orders may be collected more rapidly than UPS can deliver. They also are considering (or at least have publicized their thoughts) using drones to deliver to specific locations (e.g. houses). Look at how you might integrate community action and neighborly integration with these Amazon plans. At the same time you should consider the obvious problems and possible solutions. What if a delivery arrives at my house for me and a neighbor who, unfortunately is a dick I detest. Amazon would only be fomenting neighborly conflict. And what about the legal issues of deliveries to me for another by a common carrier (is Amazon a common carrier?). Am I a custodian with legal responsibility for safe keeping?

Zoe Whitton

Jun 19, 2014


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Hi nicolenpete As harrow has mentioned, it would be great to get a little more detail around this proposal. I also wonder about the issue of picking a delivery up from a neighbour you may not trust or know, and the neighbour's role as a keeper of your package. You might address these issues by having deliveries made to a local location, instead of house, but this starts to sound a bit like a post-office. It might also be possible to target groups who would be more inclined to such an option, and see it as value adding rather than inconvenient and anxiety inducing - people who might live in closer knit communities or who might value being able to send their parcel to a friend while at work. I'm not sure how big these markets are, though.

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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This proposal does not specifically relate to the industrial sector. However, the author may wish to know that what they proposed already occurs in Europe, but less so in the United States. We would like to see you to develop this into a proposal for realizing solutions of this kind in the United States more broadly as opposed to just through one company. That would make it very interesting and potentially impactful.