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Manohar Lal Baharani

May 3, 2014


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The nuances of market sentiments works for penetration of new technologies. The domestic policy support through incentivizing the energy efficient appliances usage is to be seen.

Abhik Tayal

Jun 18, 2014


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I would like to see a more complete proposal to understand how this can be achieved. While there may be visible improvements the market sentiments for adoption of new technologies needs to be seen as my friend above highlighted.

Zoe Whitton

Jun 19, 2014


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Hi Valles As mentioned above, it would be great to get some more detail on this proposal, particularly around who you see implementing the effort. It would also be good to hear more about addressing the production cost challenges. You've acknowledged that smart energy technology tends to exist in the upper end of the market at present, especially early in the development timeline. I imagine that, even with a proven market, custom tech will still be expensive to implement, but I may be wrong. As such it would be good to hear more about this side of it.

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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We didn't see how this proposal related to the industrial sector. Due to its focus on energy-efficient smart appliances, there was not enough information to make a sound judgment on the proposal.