Points Distribution?

In 2014, the Climate CoLab launched its first contest seeking integrated proposals, which allow members to combine proposals from other contests into a larger whole. Other Climate CoLab proposals used in these integrated proposals are called sub-proposals.

Good integrated proposals include ideas from the people who contributed to the sub-proposals, not just those who created the integrated proposal itself. To recognize all these contributions, a winning integrated proposal receives CoLab Points that are distributed among all these people. Each ${contestType.proposalName} will show how points are divided among the project team and other contributors, and each community member’s profile will show points he or she has received. For more information, see Climate CoLab Points.



Distributed among the team members of this proposal according to the percentages below.

0.00% Total


Can be distributed to any member who is not in this proposal's team - if this section is not completed, these points will not be allocated.



Distributed among all cross-regional proposals referenced by this proposal.



Distributed among all regional proposals referenced by this proposal.

No proposals have been referenced.

Proposals that include this proposal