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White sheets are strung across rivers on telephone poles to shade long exposed sections of rivers to lower water temperature.



This isn't the solution to CO2 emissions or global warming, however with the run-away emission problem we have, this is an effective

way to cool global water temperatures on a continuous basis.

A design like having poles planted on each side of a river with cables strung and sheets hanging shading the river, lowering temperatures

by .1 to maybe 2 deg.  Especially beneficial in summer heat, shading creates a constant cooling, pumping cooler water into the worlds oceans forever.

Many giant rivers have desolate areas offering minimal environmental impact and we would be cooling the earth's water supply!

Category of the Action

Integrated action plan for the world as a whole

What actions do you propose?

Many rivers around the world have long, desolate, open stretches of flow.

The plan is to build shade structures that span across portions of these stretches.

The continuous flow of water under the shading would drop the temperature by .1 to 2 degrees for long periods of time. 

This creates a constant flow of cooler water to any ocean fortunate enough to have one of these cooler rivers.


Where will these actions be taken?

The actions will be taken on rivers around the world.  Many of the giant rivers around the world have large open stretches, for example.

Shades can be removed and replaced easily, as few as 10-20 or as many as 100-1,000 spots on rivers and other bodies of water.


Who will take these actions?

I don't know if anything will happen before it effects the right group of people.  Maybe a local fishing community tries to cool its lakes and rivers.

But it has great potential to reverse the rising water temperatures on this planet.

Electric companies could get involved with shading their cooling ponds, maybe (again) a collaboration of gov't and power companies.

What are key benefits?

Cooling earth's water.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Planting electric poles, stringing sheets..  Its not building a space ship!

Super cheap!

Time line

Short..  1-2 years


How do these sub-proposals fit together?

Explanation of model inputs