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We have built a civilization that is only designed to last a few hundred years. Lets build a civilization that plays the long game.



As they stand (pun intended), our cities are built mostly of materials that are only meant to last around 50 years.   That is the standard life expectancy of concrete structures before fatal flaws begin to occur. 

"What about the bunkers along the beaches of Normandy..."

one friend asked me,

"they've been there 70 years and they are still mostly there..."

Well in 70 years, do we want our greatest monuments and buildings to be "still mostly there..."? or do we want them to still be fully functional ages from now serving our future generations, and inspiring them to think about those who will come after them?

Not to mention, the use of cement and concrete in the construction industry produces almost 40% of worldwide CO2 emissions...And most of that is from the production of the cement and concrete itself.

So as it stands, we need to replace most of our infrastructure (ie: buildings, roads, bridges etc.) every 50 years or so. Which means, producing a whole bunch more concrete and cement every 50 years or so. Which means generating incredibly high amounts of CO2 unnecessarily every 50 or so years. Over and over again.

For some great info on construction;s impacts on emissions:

and then...
Please visit: 
for more info on hempcrete...stats, numbers, schemes etc...

The Plastics industry is responsible for 255,586,075 TONS of CO2 annually.      

By creating plastics based on (you guessed it...) Hemp, we can eliminate this wanton environmental destruction almost entirely as well.  

Here I will include more on how 3D printing will reduce emissions due to the reduction in transport for materials etc.....I have to run take care of a few things first, but I'll continuously update this until It is fully fleshed out.   I would greatly appreciate your support of you agree that Hemp can save the planet.

Category of the Action

Integrated action plan for the world as a whole

What actions do you propose?

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Where will these actions be taken?


more info soon...

Who will take these actions?

more coming...

What are key benefits?

will flesh this out later...

What are the proposal’s costs?

coming soon...

Time line

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This Plan:   aims to ultimately replace the world's Cement and Concrete industries with a Hempcrete industry, to showcase a newly invented method of additive manufacturing, and the incredible CO2 reductions resulting from these actions.

more to come...

How do these sub-proposals fit together?

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Explanation of model inputs

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