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Implement a conversion chain: aviation fuel to contrail to chemtrail to cloud formation to cloud albedo to planet cooling.



Ionization in the atmosphere from Galactic Cosmis Rays (GCR's) affects cloud formation and cloud albedo.  SO2 exists in the atmosphere due to both industrial emissions and natural volcanic activity.  Ozone in the upper atmosphere shields the earth from UVB radiation.

Aircraft contrails can be ionized using RF driven plasma generators.  Plasma generators also produce ozone and OH-radicals.  When mixed with existing SO2, this forms a chemical mixture similar to the sulfate aerosols proposed for geoengineering.  This is geoengineering without adding any more chemicals than have already been emitted.  The chemical mixture increases cloud formation, increases cloud albedo, and cools the planet.  The additional cost over present aircraft flight is almost nothing.


Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Add RF driven plasma generators to the tails of commercial aircraft.  Perhaps add trace amounts of chemicals to aviation fuel.

Who will take these actions?

Commercial and private aircraft owners.  National air forces.  Perhaps aviation fuel suppliers.

Where will these actions be taken?

Private, commercial, and military flights.

What are other key benefits?

Almost no additional cost over what is already being spent.  Almost no additional chemicals over what is already being emitted and what has aready been emitted.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Almost nothing.  Main cost would be monitoring results and coordinating amount of geoengineering so as to avoid over compensating global warming.

Time line

Countries have already conducted testing.

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