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Anita Talberg

Mar 27, 2014


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Thanks for your proposal Unfortunately, the 2014 geoengineering contest hasn't launched yet, due to circumstances beyond our control. This question to which you responded was merely a placeholder. We hope to launch the contest in the next few days. Spoiler alert: the contest question has changed this year. We've taken a new direction. So make sure you check back in soon.

Guy Lacrosse

Apr 13, 2014


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Thank you. I hope that my edits will suffice.

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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Thank you for participating in our contest and offer your proposal. There are a lot of people that see space-based strategies as the best option and I find them endlessly fascinating. However, your proposal is an operational plan, rather than the research protocol/control strategy we called for in the proposal, so I'm afraid I can't justify advancing this proposal to the semifinals. I hope you'll check the contest again next year, to see if the contest is seeking substantive geoengineering plans.