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I invented an efficient Multiplying Mechanical device. Modifying Nicklos Tesla's Quantum Energy Generator, making it Sustainable.



I designed, developed a working prototype. A low input to high output, Electrical Generator. I designed a specific energy multiplier, utilizing a low input power source a 4 pole 0.75 kw 3 phase Electric Motor, achieving high output 3.5kw even capable of 5.5kw with a more efficient multiplier. I even tested it with a heavy element load.  But higher output is subjected to multiplier’s design change  

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Clean renewable energy generator is the missing link in Renewable Energy. This is also a standalone generator that will replace, current fossil fuel backup generators = Petrol & Diesel Generators. The gearbox is design specific, a calculating method of specifically designed components, that’s calibration specific, achieving higher energy output. This reduces carbon emissions, reducing our carbon footprint to 0.

My intended project:

Using standard 1kw solar PV powering 10 x 12v deep cycle battery pack with 3.5kw inverter charger module. With a modified 12v 120amp wind turbine, to top up the battery charge. The Electric backup generator is only activated when power levels drop from 13.5v to 12v. The electric generator delivers 3.5kw of power to the inverter. The inverter electronically corrects, adjust and stabilises output while charging battery pack.

Energy Multiplying Accelerator Plate is my invention; it will do to transport and electricity what Google did to the internet. Providing the most reliable and cost effective method of generating energy. I personally designed and developed the perfect component ratio, using available mechanism in my garage and utilising the correct technological components available, resulted in Synergy in Technology.

Installing this into existing steam and fuel generator power stations, we will reduce our carbon footprint. We will not be subjected to Natural influences or negatively influencing climate change with toxic pollution. There is no emissions, no waste. Just Clean energy

Paradigm changing device

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Firstly we need broad open minded, optimistic thinkers, from all fields of study. That is not boxed by conformity. But ground breaking evolutionist. That is prepared to evolve with technology.

Our current method: Renewable Energy isn't alleviating climate change. It lacks base load capability, it lacks the ability to produce high energy reliably, continuously and efficiently. Therefore fossil fuel, is regarded as the most effective method of generating energy. The world needs a high capacity, reliable clean energy solution that will enhance our green endeavour, to achieve true sustainability. Reducing our devastating impact and unsustainable demand on our planets, natural resources coupled with our high toxic pollution on our fragile environment.  We can achieve pure energy sustainability, that eluding us and it will ring true in the hearts of Green Activist and Climate scientist.

I have tried gaining audience to enable and apply my concept to fruition. Creating a commercialise product. But not successful

This will be the best way to describe my generator's efficiency

Solar Power has a very high energy output, only when focal point, is trained in the direction of the sun. It requires a very large battery bank to store the captured solar power. But the flaw and inefficiency is, that there is a low power capture: in the case of winter, cloudy days and sunless days (Smog). The Battery top-up ability is limited.

With my clean energy generator incorporated in this system. We will be achieving high level energy output during winter and sunless days.  

Wind Energy is efficient but very much nature dependent. Wind isn't constant, therefore my clean energy generator in the wind energy system. Increases productivity, reliability and efficiency. 


Hydro Energy is the most reliable base load system but in winter with frozen lakes and rivers, hydro generator’s productivity levels is limited. During droughts with no water, makes this method useless.


My Clean energy generator is the missing link in the renewable industry. Allow constant power efficiency without a dependence on resources. A unique independent system with high energy output that benefit individuals and our planet. 

My clean energy electrical generator is only the beginning of a more complex R.E systems that I designed and I capable of developing and inventing. This will change our African paradigm to true sustainability. There is so many methods of application and diverse network of productivity, it will reduce poverty, decrease famine, increase productivity and alternative employment. Resulting in energy entrepreneurial opportunity. 

The purpose of our collective contribution is to alleviate sorrow, pain and illness. The tragedy of climate change, resulting in famine, poverty, hunger, thirst and malnutrition. These factors are all direct results of Carbon Emissions and our industrialised pollution methods, resulting in Climate change, climate adaptation and our climate terraforming.  In order to change the status quo, of business as usual, we have to change the fundamentals that’s perpetrating and perpetuating the travesty, destroying our Planet, Ocean and Soil with carbon contamination. 

This is a Paradigm changing moment, an event that will benefit our future and generation that follow

My invention, E.M.A.P make's Clean Electrical Generator possible, will enhance our relief efforts and green aid initiatives.  I designed Renewable energy shipping container power station, enhancing captured R.E enhanced with my heavy duty generator with 100kw - 1Mw output. Specifically designed to sustain, it’s own power requirements. My methodology is concentrating, on increasing from a low input, to sustain a high output RPM and Torque. It’s a method I have been investigating and professing for the past 10 years, with 5 years intensive investigative experimentation to achieve the right components to achieve the desired results. I needed to achieve my vision, so create my proof of concept.

Now that my concept have been proven with my working prototype,  I have imagined, creatively connecting multiple generators as a smart grid, generator hub, achieving an even higher Gw to Tw output. Reducing our demand on our planets natural resources.

We need to have clarity on our purpose, focus on achieving that goal. Achieving previously improbable results, is more than just a random belief or holy curiosity or insane imagination,  that I need to sugar coat the potential of my invention,  convincing VC. Its all about applying yourself to achieve the set goal with minimalistic ally.

 So I built my simple prototype with low to high output. But this is only a proof of concept to what is possible. I built my electrical generator in my garage with limited funds. What will be possible with the right funding and collaboration we can achieve a renewable resource that will become zero point renewable energy.

We need to look at things outside the box. The foundation of science is our creativity runaway.  It’s our duty to utilize our collective wisdom and engineer innovative impossibility. Enjoying an energy freedom. Nothing is impossible, we can achieve the peace and prosperity, we desire.  

Changing our Nuclear power station and Coal Power Station to high energy output electrical generated power sources Or we could even enhance those power stations with E.M.A.P, installing it  on to current steam generators, reducing our impact and dependence on fossil fuel and our natural resources or changing it altogether to more innovative renewable form of power. 

The method generating Nuclear power however ingenious is fundamentally flawed. Instead of utilizing our existing alternatives like, Hydrogen fuel cell technology, we chose an unstable chemical volatile component that is one of the most dangerous substance known to man,  that could easily wipe out a large populated area in an instance, proven in Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.

Steam power is a primitive method of generating energy. We have "Magnetic Generators" or "Geo thermal generators" That will provide similar power output and even higher, if its coupled to my device, in my specific technique and method, anything is possible without a high demand on resources.  

I have also imagined and envisioned, utilizing even higher, clean electrical generators for decentralised schools, quick erect mobile hospitals or removing and even supplying this method of renewable energy to industry our high energy leeches, like textile, automotive, advertising, other industry. Thus reducing the demand burning fossil. My clean generator is mobile creating more opportunity and increasing employment. Designer renewable recycling waste management system.

Energy conservation is key ie. battery storage. But highly efficient battery storage is still years off. Utilizing the next best alternative my renewable backup generator for renewables increases the longevity of Renewables. This will solve our current energy crisis.

Therefore I designed Alternative Renewable Energy = Smarter Renewable. A design specific technique that incorporates current renewables, achieving the ultimate clean energy power source. .

 My design is my method of achieving the results I envision. Using my Auto Electro Mechanical knowledge and skill. Coupled with my extensive experience in various industries. Formulating alternative is easy as inspiration is found in the passion of my designs.

Therefore I propose a change in our mind set, thinking outside the box to achieve the best results inside this invisible box, testing and expanding, the parameters of this box or even breaking the box altogether. We can rebuild a system that will best serve mankind.

My immediate ambition is to use my Fuel less generator to sustain my concept e vehicle, a self-generating electric vehicles, with a higher productive enhanced with my invention E.M.A.P. But deniers told me it wasn't possible,

 I designed EMAP for EV propulsion increasing speed and range extender, with a higher  traveling experience. I designed EV Food Truck, that’s Solar Turbine assisted by my E Generator.  but because my regenerative fundamentals didn't make any sense to my countries science community. I had to develop my design, my Electrical Generator. The cost was an expensive undertaking. Since it was all self-funded.  Utilizing every penny, to achieve the desired results. With progressive experimentation, and with 5 redesigned prototypes to achieve the advertised working prototype.  

I didn't break any scientific laws. but create a new equation in the law of thermodynamics. I introduced a new element into the equation, changing the results. But this formula is so significant; it positively influences various other clean energy projects.

My proposal for sustainability is creative and imaginative engineering, cost effective and efficient method of generating electricity with our available technology. Blending various technology (convergence of renewable and synergy in technology) we can achieve more than just new renewable resource but a unique building block to achieve higher than Tw output.

In 2012 I designed a renewable energy City, that incorporates some of my other green solutions, to solve various global issues. The purpose is to create hope the world desires. The hope our children need, is in our creative collective contribution.

"Knowledge without experimentation is wasted wisdom" -

Yusuf Mallie. 

I firmly believe that our purpose is to selflessly serve and contribute to make this world a better place for humanity, create an compliment a thriving eco system, not depleting our natural resources but up scaling our resources to achieve true sustainability.

It’s the actions and contribution of individuals, that influence our carbon footprint and it’s our duty to provide solutions that will benefit our environment. The desire to see comprehensive positive change, isn't a physical or bloody revolution but a humble path of awakening and embracing positive change that increases our compassion and empathy to other animals an our brethren.

With this mind set I have innovated the building block for positive change I envisioned. A collaborative contribution, with achievement of over unity, with synergy and convergence in technology. My proof of concept, achieving higher output, is proof that we must stop differentiating or creating apartheid in various fields of study but collaborate minds in various industries, to achieve an even higher energy output. It’s not about using less energy is all about living comfortably with the energy available, innovating a method of increasing output that will be solutions, that will benefit and solve our dilemma. I have designed various methods increasing output for various other industries, methodical usage of energy.

If we do this we create opportunity for expansion and growth within the mind-set of individuals. This will be the platform to allow sustainable space travel. Hydrogen fuel cell technology with my invention creates truly clean sustainable travel, which we can achieve within our lifetime. We are the future; we have been waiting for, the future of true sustainability.

Who will take these actions?

I invested, investigated and instigated this change,  I want to build the industry that I have envisioned, that I have advertised. I built the prototype to prove my concept is possible. But this is only the beginning, the completion of my design and the journey of my investigation, is only proof of what I was capable of, this has also resulted in the discovery what is necessary for even high output EMAP to increase Torque and RPM. For even higher outputs. 

My invention is simple but unique and it will allow higher productivity with even lower input. Resulting in a low RPM power source consuming less Amperage and achieving even higher output with a higher output Amperage.  

This results goes against the laws of thermodynamics. Bending rules that was entrenched in our scientific belief. I altered the equation, I introduced a foreign element, adding an inconceivable device in the equation. I am not introducing a new chemical or magic. but an effective technique, a Gearbox filled with various components to increasing Torque and RPM of the electrical motor power source. 

It might have been impossible 50 years ago. but we are evolving species, what we built 50yrs ago worked according to our available science.

It’s the duty of every generation to break the mould and create a new model or an even better prototype for technological evolution in energy." - Yusuf Mallie

So I built the System now to get the interested parties involved. But because of evolutionary deniers and close minded sceptics my project has stagnated, since July 2013. Even after introducing it to various competitions and exhibitions. The close minded community of deniers rule the airwaves of acceptable innovation and inventions.  Doing so actual denies the world a simple method that could be its salvation

I am a determined activist of positive change, hoping that my endeavour benefit Africa. But this is not the only solution. Therefore I want to build a new industry for open minded thinkers

Paradigm changers 

Where will these actions be taken?

Cape Town South Africa.

This project is designed for Africa to provide solutions to my beloved African continent. An African clean energy renaissance.

The rest of the world is light years ahead of Africa in Renewable Energy. But my unique invention and many of my other green inventions will put Africa at the pinnacle of green energy.

The initial prototype is utilizing existing market available Solar Panels and Wind Turbine. Available battery packs: Heavy duty deep cycle batteries. Will compliment my autonomous Renewable smart grid.

My unique Solar Turbine with my backup electrical generator is very unique. Compact space with high energy output. Reducing space (Solar Farm of same output levels), reducing height, reducing noise (Wind Towers), reducing impact (Hydro dams - influencing space and natural direction of water)

Highly efficient heavy duty Inverters charging units, is necessary. The complete project needs more R&D. Therefore my own R&D laboratory is necessary. Giving me the tools and freedom to express my creativity. By creating alternative solutions.

After repayment cost, I will be developing my unique design. Smarter Renewable with my own light weight organic battery pack that's infused into my housing design. With my designer Turbine, Solar Panelled and Solar Thermal Renewable that will be prototyped by me the innovator.


This is only the Beginning!!

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

No emissions

Clean Fuel less generation 

With my electric generator, coupled to exisiting renewable grids multiplying Renewables output to achieve the energy we desire.

My Clean energy low input to high output rotational mechanical generate electric is a  back up generator for Renenwables. This is only possible with my Energy Mulitplying Accelerator Plate. 

Solutions are there, It is possible with a new perspective.

This is New solution in the complexity of energy generation.


With no carbon emission allows nature to biologically repair our atmosphere. 

What are other key benefits?

Increased clean power output over long period

Back up generator for Renewables

Higher load carrying ability than conventional Renewables

No Carbon Emissions

Reduction of Carbon emissions

Sustainable energy generation

Mobile clean energy generation

Synergy in technology 

Convergence of various renewable energy

What are the proposal’s costs?

Initial startup  cost is $500 000 to $1million. For the engineering machinery and premises

The list of engineering machines required for design and production from

3D Printer

3D & 5D axis Lathe

Wide angle Lathe

Injection Moulding

Smelting Machine

Cost of 3 phase 5.5kw output electrical generator is $3000

Excludes the battery bank and 5.5kw Inverter electrical system

Excludes a unique designer wind turbine generator

Excludes the unique designer 1kw Solar HD system

Customer purchasing price, the total package for the complete renewable system is $10 000


Time line

Conceived the idea in 2003

Built my first 12v to AC generator without my Energy Multiplier in 2005 very low efficiency

2009 started investigating on my multiplier

July 2013 completed my fuel less electrical generator. Proof of concept a Working Prototype 

Less than 3 months for 5.5kw 3 phase renewable prototype.

Thats after funding.

Post funding. 

from 13kw electrical generator to 100 Mw generator. 

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