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Tim Elder

Jul 16, 2014


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Your various proposals, except nuclear, will be inadequate. Any "solution" that burns fuels will not do the trick. Increases in efficiency will help, but not enough. Wind, solar, and hydro will also help, but there is not enough land area for placement. With hydro, the best sites have been used already. I also worry that, if you extract that much energy from the wind and solar radiation, the climate will be changed. There is already, and has been for years (but suppressed by politics,)a solution to the thermal reactor nuclear waste problem. Thus we will have no real choice but to drastically increase our use of nuclear power. I am speaking of fast neutron nuclear power, specifically using metallic fueled, sodium cooled reactors such as the PRISM or IFR types.

Nanda Kumar Janardhanan

Jul 19, 2014


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Naresh, Thanks for the proposal. Please also add how different the proposed measures will be from the existing policies in both developed and developing countries.

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Your effort in developing this proposal is appreciated, but unfortunately we found that the proposal lacked focus (in that it proposed a whole range of solutions without providing substantial justification, costing or implementation information for each) and did not provide the reader with a sense that the author had proposed a solution to climate change that was either well-defined or actionable. For future contests please try to narrow the focus of your proposal and flesh-out the description of your proposal with details which will help to underline its viability, etc. Thanks again and please do continue to participate in the Climate CoLab community.