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Install large turbines above stacks of fossil fuel plants to rotate for power prodution using the velocity of exit gases & heat energy



Use large hot updraft currents from power plant stacks to turn large turbines for power production purposes. Placed vertically or horizontally above stack. 13% of heat energy is wasted right out the stack of fossil fuel plants. Looking to recover about 7% of the 100% wasted heat right out the stack or 7mw out of every 100mw generated. We could recover enough energy to run plant auxillaries in this manner thus lowering plant heat rate which will lower GHG emissions from plant. Molar Mass of stack gas is greater than the air we breath so we should get more bang for our buck from it...

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Same as above in summary. The governments "Climate Action Plan" would help fund the idea:

Who will take these actions?

Existing power plant businesses can install such systems mandated by the government to lower fuel costs and GHG emissions. The governments "Climate Action Plan" would help fund the idea:

Where will these actions be taken?

All industrial or factory stacks nation wide..

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

7% annual GHG reduction from all industrial stacks..

What are other key benefits?

The idea can reduce many of the ill effects of climate change that fossil fuels are bringing us today such as Co2. SOX, NOX, particulate matter, smog, higher sea levels, higher sea surface temperatures, red tide,hypoxic oceans, lower PH levels in our oceans, coral bleaching, loss of Northern summertime arctic ice, Loss of the Antarctic Ice shelf, loss of albedo, skin cancer,Loss of Methane Hydrates, Melt of Arctic Tundra, lung cancer, war, heart attacks, stroke, asthma, loss of polar bears, sea lions, narwhals, walrus, krill, shrimp, rain forest's, soil moisture, more desertification and prevents fracking. etc. etc. etc

What are the proposal’s costs?

A lot less bird strikes than present day windmills due to heat and noise from stack keeping birds away..

Time line

Phased in 5-15 years as demanded by governments.

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