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Khalid Md Bahauddin

Jun 19, 2014


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I like the idea of mobile application for DRM. I think following issues need to be clarified. 1. Are mobile network covering the disaster prone areas? 2. I think, you should mention “what kind of disasters” in application so that key actors can take action specifically. 3. Which mobile operating system can function with this application, Android or others, I am sure not everyone uses same mobile OS. 4. How local people can cope with this application, are you offering any training for them? 5. “What actions do you propose” is not clear, be specific. Cheers Khalid Khalid

Erlinda Abarintos

Jun 19, 2014


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Hi Khalid, To comment on the issues you mentioned: 1. There are existing mobile networks all over the Philippines, but connectivity would depend on the extent of the damages done on those disaster-affected areas. But our mobile apps had an online/offline mode that users can utilize for such events. 2. for this apps, we would only be covering "natural disasters" such as storm surge/typhoon, earthquake, flashfloods, etc 3. right now, the mobile apps iLIGTAs is available and ready for download at Google Play, Blackberry World, and Apple Appstore. But it is still a work-in-progress. and we are also working to have it available in more platforms such as Windows, Firefox etc. 4. we have provided a short AVP to explain how the mobile apps work, check this link ( and it is basically a user-friendly mobile apps to use. there will be a help menu to be provided in case users have questions on how to use it. 5. we are still working on the proper documentation of the proposal entry. we will update it as soon as we have completed it. thanks for all these feedback. it gave us a better perspective on what to include in our project. more comments please :-) From the Philippines with love, Linda

Isabelle Thomas

Jul 31, 2014


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Hello Khalid, The idea is interesting. The nly issue is that mobile networks are likely to stop during and after the disaster. What would be the Plan B? Best IT

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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It is not clear if the platform has already been developed in The Philippines. It appears that this is an early outline of what that development would like to do. Good case. But so few details as to be impossible to judge.