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Jeremy Simpson

May 16, 2014


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This proposal is currently a "Living Document". I very much welcome discussion, input, participation...really any sort of interest or help. I began my "Entrepreneurial" path in such systems consideration, but it is a project that is well beyond my capabilities to tackle alone.

Ana Raquel Riedel Von Teschenhausen

May 27, 2014


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>Hi Jeremy. Generally speaking, it seems like an interesting idea, although I am not sure if I completely got it. Could you be more clear in explaining the GOALS of your proposal? What do you mean by "Multi-Redundant Command and Control Architectures and Algorithms"? What should it do? Which problem from data mining and analysis would it solve? Do you refer to "communication redundancy" relating to validation of data? How do you imagine that it would be possible to free the information of political biases? I would very much like to help, so I hope you can make it feasible for me ;) Best, Ana.