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Amelia Trav

Jun 17, 2014


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Hi, This is an interesting concept, and gamification does appear to have potential in this project, however I would encourage you to develop your proposal further. The psychology behind gaming is very complex and in your proposal I would encourage you to include references to similar projects which demonstrate that the way people react in games is a realistic indicator of how they would react in real life. When playing games people do not always take on their normal personality, for example men often use female avatars, and they may react in a way they would not try in real life. For example they may be braver, as they know it is only a game. If you develop this idea further, and demonstrate sound knowledge of the psychology behind such concepts, and develop your budget and timeline this could be a very valuable proposal. All the best

Khalid Md Bahauddin

Jun 19, 2014


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Idea is good enough but would please look into the following issues 1. Specify the target people 2. Are collected data errors free to make any decision? 3. Please clarify how this game works on “How to organize an evacuation in case of a natural disaster” and “Create the best search and rescue plan” 4. I think, your idea is to make people aware about disaster, if so please concentrate how this game will work to Behavior change communication process. Cheers Khalid