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Doron Bracha

Apr 25, 2014


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The idea is interesting and it has potential, yet please consider a few more things: Home improvement requires investing money (even if you save energy and the payback only takes a few years, you still have to deal with the initial expenses). It would be essential for the presenters to know all about local incentives, tax breaks, utility rebates etc, since those incentives encourage and assist in retrofitting homes, installing renewable energy systems etc. Assuming there will sometimes be a lot of people who are interested, they may not fit comfortably in a truck, and outdoors discussions may be compromised due to background noise, inclement weather etc. One solution may be to present everything in local libraries, schools etc. You can also prepare a video that's engaging and not too long, presenting green building features and explaining the importance of going green, and screen it in local libraries, school auditoriums etc. That is important because studies have found that even the greenest buildings can under-perform due to the occupants' conduct and practice (for example- leaving the a/c on all day or while windows are open, forgetting to turn off lights or taking excessively long showers). Educating people and raising awareness is essential, and showing that the presenters care for the environment (and aren't just trying to sell their products) would increase their credibility and help promote the cause, which is certainly good. Cheers !..

Mark Johnson

May 28, 2014


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Agree with Doron's comments above. The mobile Showcase approach is good but outreach success (in terms of # of individuals contacted) would be orders of magnitude higher using a hybrid marketing approach via the Internet. An e-mail announcement would entice the reader to consider the kind of tax incentives, rebates and other benefits Doron chronicles above, plus include a "Mobile Showcase Van City Tour Schedule" so individuals would know when the van will be near their location. This approach would be akin to what mobile vans do for the Red Cross and Veterans Administration. The marketing effort would be "co-sponsored" by Green institutions, companies and corporations - displaying their logos (which also serve as Home URL links)- thereby creating a solid customer relationship management (DRM) schema. Recurring follow-up emails would be sent out (e.g., like Constant Contact does) whereby readers could elect to opt-out.

Dan Whittet

Jun 17, 2014


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I have seen mobile showcases in use before and I actually liked them more than I thought I would. It's a great way to get new technologies in the hands of consumers. Of course, the impact of driving anything around is considerable, but for events and green building gatherings, or even better getting the message out to the shopping mall crowd, what a good way to go. At one such event I attended there were a lot of free handouts of light bulbs, insulation samples, recyclable materials...etc. Great way to raise public awareness.

Sardar Mohazzam

Jun 20, 2014


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It is a great idea. I believe the purpose of van is to create a demonstration effect to build a critical mass. Although, Vans will create the demonstration effect, but it will temporary. However, deploying solar technologies on churches, parks and other areas where people gather can be very effective. Best, Mohazzam

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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Interesting idea but the proposal is incomplete and does not address any aspects of how it might be implemented and how change might occur. This idea could be developed to be useful and adapable for a range of locations in the US and in other countries but would need much more in the way of detailed planning, budgeting and how partnerships would be used to make it work to be given full consideration.