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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This proposal was not selected to advance to the Finalist round.
Comments from Judges:

(1) There are some good components to this, particularly around making retrofit information more readily accessible and promoting the correlation to improved comfort.

However, many energy bills have comparative information already. It is not clear how this is more attractive than something like O Power that lets users engage and compare their energy use on Facebook rather than have to download and use a separate app. Home energy dashboards have been shown to have little uptake in the past. The appeal would be for people who already analyze their energy bills and who also own their homes.

Cities are often not the energy supplier, the information would have to be provided by the utility which can often be at a regional or national scale. There would most likely have to be a policy component to get utilities to provide this information and service.

(2) Working at the city scale through the municipal rates bill is an excellent idea, as it directly accesses the prime target market, and does so through a credible medium. The use of the app is also good, and what differentiates this from other apps would be the ability to create awareness through the rates bill. The combination of top down and bottom up is good. However, collecting data for each house to create a profile that enables comparison would be an extensive exercise, and is likely to be expensive and technically challenging. The proposal provides no estimates of costs. Maybe a simplified version could provide a self-rating through the app, to be compared with a number of typical possible profiles.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

There are already a wide range of green living and "footprint" apps available but this one provides detailed information in a way that could be of great use to a wide range of users from tenants and owners to governments and developers. It would be good to have a bit more detail about how this would be developed and delivered, costs to develop it and how it would be promoted to ensure broad uptake. I can see this being very useful and of great interest so additional information about how it could be developed and how it adds value beyond existing apps would help make the case for how it could deliver results.

Combining a gamification APP with individual behaviour for some aspects of green building is a creative idea. More work is needed - maybe have a start at the SWOT and engagement strategy to show how the APP could be focused in its measurement and ensure the uptake would have a significant positive environmental impact.

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