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Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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This is a comprehensive and well-thought out proposal and the combination of online and in-person components makes it stand out from other proposals that address one or the other. The mobile green trailer at home shows with QR codes for products available for sale at the show is a great example of combining traditional and modern sales techniques. 'Green pages' alone do not generally create significant impacts because they generally appeal to the already converted, but combining this with the mobile unit/in-person awareness could shift that. It's hard to say whether this could be replicated in other places and scale as it seems dependent on a large number of volunteers to get started. It would be interesting to know if the long-term plan involved replication or expanding geographically. In addition to or in lieu of a stand-alone Green Pages, which have had mixed success in other locations, it could be advantageous to collaborate with some of the existing platforms mentioned in the proposal (e.g., Angie's List, Amazon). They are looking to sell products and services as well and there is more potential for widespread impact at that scale. A good proposal, directly responding to the mandate of building public awareness, with the trailer taking the idea to the man in the street, and the green pages enabling follow up. Addresses all the objectives, and could have good impact within a local community. The limitations are the ability to roll out at scale at a national and international level, so the overall impact is likely to be limited.

Javier Burgos

Aug 10, 2014


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Hello and greetings from the contest fellows! Thank you for submitting a proposal to our contest, and congratulations on making it into the top 8! We are very excited to have your proposal, and hope to see it do well. We would love for you to keep improving your proposal prior to the next round of judging. Don't forget, both Judges Choice and Popular Choice winners will be connected with people who can support the implementation of their proposal, which may include policy makers, business executives, NGO and foundation officials, scientists, and others. They will be recognized and publicized by the MIT Climate CoLab and invited to showcase their proposals at a conference held at MIT November 2014, where a $10,000 Grand Prize will be awarded. I would like to encourage you to take a moment and consider how you can improve your proposal, before the next round of judging. The judges comments from the 1st round have been shared with you as a comment (above), feel free to consider these as you make edits. In addition, you may want to consider adding additional information on: - how we could scale this up to other communities outside of Florida - What characteristics do the next communities that would adopt this idea need?

Sergio Pena

Aug 13, 2014


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great project. However, I would like to ask you about the real possibility to apply your prject in developing countries or it should acommodate to the reality of the country and if this is your answer, how? Best regards. Sergio Peña

Victor Blanco

Aug 26, 2014


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I wish you the best! Please, check my proposal in Waste Management Contest, named "REACC: Recycled Debris for Adaptation to Climate Change"; and I would apreciate your support as I supported your proposal.

Climate Colab

Sep 3, 2014


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This proposal has been chosen to advance as a Finalist. Congratulations, and good luck during the voting period! Comments from Judges: I'm inspired by both the idea and the potential for positive impact. The cost to replicate/scale and acheive international rollout/impact is difficult to see in the timeline. The outreach could/should have multiple languages. I love the community service idea and think there could be revenue options for attending events and also attracting nonconflicting good governance sponsorship/grants. Suggestions: I think the addition of a postcode filter would assist the public find local information on products and suppliers. I think if the information could identify if products were certified or not, would also assist the public information and awareness of the issues and benefits. Information could include questions the public could ask the supplier/professional and also information for them on how to rate/assess answers to make decisions. Perhaphs have information on scoring or cheat sheets to enable comparisons to be made by the public. Commercial Comments: Governance regarding what information is provided and disclosed regarding sponsors to the public. The integrity of the consumer/public guidance must be high. Could there by IP from the LiveSMART trailer model for it to be replicated and revenue to go into updating the concept and generic information. I believe revenue and commercial return on investment should be added which could include participating in events – rather than paying entrance fees to events Is there a way to reduce the cost – seed funding for a few of these - rent the trailer rather than own etc. Sponsorship could be from stores that sell the products rather than the product manufactuer could be considered. I believe the international need is such that more ideas on: • Continuation of program with constant improvements • Help many other communities replicate or do a similar program

Hemant Wagh

Sep 6, 2014


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Publicizing Green should be coupled with "Creating Green". Would it be possible to include into your training & communications a request to 'save the seeds of fruits eaten by their units (work/family) throughout the year and spread/help spread during rainy season those seeds onto unused land in the vicinity.' This would help increase the green cover, density and in long run provide fruits free of cost to everyone. Along with marine BCCS a land based Biological Carbon Capture & Sequestration program would be beneficial. A proposal outlining such an approach is available. Following is a link to such a proposal. This would bolster the efforts directed at finding workable solution to climate change.. CHEERS..

Dave Intner

Sep 12, 2014


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I was part of the team that developed the original BuildSMART project in California, which helped to inspire the LiveSMART project being currently undertaken by the USGBC North Florida. It fundamentally changed our chapter's dialogue with the public, and expanded our reach to a broad and diverse audience we couldn't touch before. We've used it as an education piece with everyone from pre-schoolers to members of Congress and our State Legislature. We've loaned it to universities and high schools where, by the end of the day, the students become the teachers. We've used it to partner with local colleges and municipalities as a workforce training tool. It's opened up avenues of public engagement we never dreamed of when we first conceived of the project, and as a result we've helped to spread the principles of Sustainability to tens of thousands of people. We are very excited to see the creative ideas that the North Florida Chapter has integrated in their version of the trailer concept, with the great innovation of combining the physical, mobile exhibit with an online directory and resource database. We know that this project will have an instant and indelible impact in their region (and beyond), fundamentally transform their education efforts, and bring awareness of sustainability and green building concepts to a great number of individuals. Please support this project.

Sarah Boren

Sep 15, 2014


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Thank you for your support! The original BuildSMART project in California was a true inspiration to our North Florida Chapter!

Osero Shadrack Tengeya

Sep 17, 2014


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Hi USGBC and friends, kindly consider to vote for my proposal shown in the link below Thanks in advance.

Anne-marie Soulsby

Sep 23, 2014


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Hi USGBC North Florida, Please consider voting for my proposal, Good luck with your entry! Asante/Thank-you @conserveaction

Carole Johnson

Sep 24, 2014


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I would truly LOVE to visit one of these educational trailers. About the Green Pages: Green America already has a National Green Pages with all the general categories one would find in the Yellow Pages. I'm wondering if you could link up with them as a resource and then perhaps need to use fewer of your funds to get your own green pages up and running? Carole J

Lauren Spohrer

Sep 30, 2014


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Great project! I hope you win!
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