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Mar 9, 2014 08:00 EDT - May 23, 2018 12:00 EDT
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May 23, 2018 12:00 EDT
What other contests should the Climate CoLab run?

The challenges we confront when facing climate change are diverse and complex. Which are the most pressing? Which would you like to see answers to?


If these questions intrigue you, you can suggest a contest to be run on the Climate CoLab. The CoLab staff will review the suggestions, and those that are likely attract sufficient interest and have the potential to make a real impact will be launched.


If you would like to see an archive of suggestions made from 2013-2016, please see:

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10 Proposals
One Minivan goes with the power of the sun from the North Cape to Cape of Good Hope taking videos & visiting social projects on the way.
Kenya has 47 County Governments each with a Governor and 1 National Government. The 48 Governments must act together to attain the SDGs.
Preserving the environment by prospering together with smallholder farmers in the rural by motivating them to take farming as business.
Système d'Intensification du Riz de l'irrigation intermittente et le drainage de l'eau pour éviter l'émission subséquente de méthane.
I am working on an eco Library project as à personal initiative.
Let's actually have a Climate Debate. Who doesn't like a good fair fight and even better, who doesn't want to see a real conclusion?
How can we address emerging challenges of health and wellbeing in cities as test labs for global sustainability?
2015, Climate CoLab drops to one category requesting one integrated and interdisciplinary solution for several global issues.
Speeding the flow of information through community based crowdsourcing: A promising way to cope with a rapidly changing disaster environment
The nexus is a simple framing of interdependencies between water and energy systems. It's time to address these growing global challenges.