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Sergio Pena

Jul 19, 2014


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Excellent idea and criticism to the MDG. However, on the goals how will you manage the work of people that will contribute for free? It will be necessary to consider basic needs of the contributors in working the different actions.

Mark Capron

Jul 19, 2014


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Dear Sergiopena, We have found ways to compensate contributors to Ocean Forestry and Marine Agronomy. That compensation has been some combination of 1) feeling good about making the world a little nicer for the next 1,000 years; 2) the prospect of research funding; 3) the prospect of being paid to help refine, design, and install the concepts. Our basic concept is an entire ecosystem explained in Global Plan, "Reversing Climate Change with ocean-healing seaweed forests" Capturing Rivers at Sea is just one of several examples entered in Climate CoLab to help show the scope of "Ocean-Healing Seaweed Forests." Other examples include: Adaptation to Climate Change, "Marine Agronomy Improves food-water security" Adaptation to Climate Change, "Invisible shore-protecting flexible reefs for coastal, food, and water security" Land Use: Agriculture, Livestock, & Forestry, "Ocean-healing 3D agriculture and forestry: Marine Agronomy"

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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The Climate CoLab adaptation contest team appreciates the time that you took to submit this proposal. At present, your proposal reads more as a technological solution in search of a problem. Please articulate more clearly the problem that exists and how your solution addresses it. Why not capture freshwater before it reaches the ocean? Why isn't it being retained or captured? What are the natural systems that could be used to capture and recycle it? To make your proposal more nuanced and robust, try to answer questions such as: Who would own it? Who would have liability for its impacts? Who would maintain it? What process of decision-making would be involved in deploying it? What property rights are at stake? What impact would this have on normal activities? You should discuss issues of deployment. It would also be of benefit to identify key partners and sources of funding that would allow you to move forward. A more rigorous estimation of energy costs and infrastructure to permit storage and redistribution of water is needed. Similarly, you should include a cost-benefit analysis that clearly demonstrates the value of this approach. While your proposal is not advancing to the semi-finals this year, the contest team wishes you the best of luck in your endeavors and would love to see a proposal from you next year incorporating this feedback.