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2013urbanadaptationjudges 2013urbanadaptationjudges

Jun 30, 2013


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Overall there is potential in this project. For scoping interest the Green Building Council Network and city networks would be very good entry points. But one of the key criteria for determining the advancement of a proposal to the next stage was whether the idea was innovative. Using water for cooling buildings has been in practice for several years. The proposal should therefore consider why there has been a limited application of this approach in urban areas and based on that suggest additional measure. Furthermore it would also be good to include how the best practices from this proposal can be transferable. The proposal has been categorized as ‘urban adaptation’ but focuses more on mitigation – would need to bring out the adaptation component more strongly. Linked to the above point, no climate projections seem to have been considered. This becomes important in anticipated increases in temperature, which will require increased cooling and therefore more water, as per this proposal. What would be the ecological impacts, especially during the hot seasons when there would be increased cooling needs and water availability may be lower, especially in rivers and lakes? From an urban adaptation perspective, the proposal should consider building design and building material for having energy efficient buildings as well.