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Our belief is that LXR has the potential to reduce carbon emissions worldwide more effectively than any other solution currently available.


Guidance on collaborative pilot

This is a pilot test of a new, collaborative approach for getting work done in the Climate CoLab. It will run during March and April of 2012.

Just like in the 2011 activities, anyone can create a proposal. But there is also a community proposal, where members are encouraged to work together in a collaborative way. Any member can contribute to the community proposal as long as they are logged in.

The community proposal is like a wiki, so the history of edits is tracked, and you can revert to prior versions of the proposal if desired.

Please also use the Comments to express your opinion on whether or not you would like to see this collaborative approach used in the Climate CoLab in 2012.

Feel free to organize the proposal as you see fit. One thought—it's good to have a brief summary of the overall proposal at the top, as an aid to readers.

Proposal Text


Firstly, apologies if our first post come across as a sales pitch. Our intentions are not profit-driven but are a desire to see LXR reach as many users as quickly as possible.

We are confident this is the answer to the global problem of carbon emissions. 


Category of the action

Reducing emissions from transportation

What actions do you propose?

If countries were to make LXR mandatory that would be fantastic. For each vehicle on the planet to begin using LXR immediately would have a dramtic effect.

Who will take these actions?

Governments. If laws were passed to make LXR mandatory in all vehicles, in all countries, we would witness profound results in a short space of time.

Where will these actions be taken?


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

LXR does not hinder current business models in any way, but in fact creates jobs globally.

What are other key benefits?

LXR is more than just an emission reducer. It also effects vehicle performance in a number of positive ways:

Smoother engine performance
Increased torque/ power
Faster acceleration
Higher top speeds
Smoother engine performance
More Fuel Savings
Longer lasting engine service life
Prolonged Preventive Maintenance in between Downtime Schedules
More mileage between oil changes

What are the proposal’s costs?

Extremely affordable by all governments.

Time line

Effects in redusing emissions is within 30 minutes of adding LXR.

Projections on global emission reduction is dependent on how quickly it can be put to use globally.

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For more info on LXR please visit our website: