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Jul 7, 2013


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Dear Mr. Mercado, Thank you for your participation in the "Scaling Renewables in Major Emerging Economies" Contest. Your proposal was very intriguing and relevant in the suggestion that agents of all types in emerging economies should engage in such a survey exercise to discern how to better coordinate marketing efforts of renewable technologies. However we felt that this proposal wasn't a specific plan, incorporating proven technologies or survey results, which had an immediate economic and carbon reduction effect. While studies of these types are very important in planning coordinated actions, we were looking for something a little further on, i.e. specific policies, projects, and suggestions--your proposal subject matter is actually much more on topic in the "Enabling Adoption" Contest Section. That all being said, we encourage you to re-enter next year as we would love to see a proposal from you that incorporates your survey results. Thanks, Climate CoLab Judges.