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Self Reliance by Team Soleilmicro

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AA & AAA batteries cost $300 kw/hr Our Rechargeable battery systems cost $4 per kw/hr The savings are substantial Self reliance is important



Soleilmicro is tailoring its brand of “Sunshine when you wish”™ specifically towards the need of women for energy self-reliance. We are passionate about providing mothers and their children safe and affordable light and cell phone charging.

Every mother needs light and communications. As many people have personal cell phones and personal computers, Soleilmicro provides a Personal Energy Server so mothers can have solar power lights and cell phone charging. This small solar collector and battery charger is so low cost that American homes can use them to replace emergency candles and flashlight. In a developing nation, camping or in the mist of disaster, mothers can communicate, teach and comfort their children.

AA and AAA batteries may be used in an every growing array of LED lights. Lights that can be provided at 1/10th the cost of candles, kerosene and 1/50th the cost of disposable batteries. They are so affordable, durable and reliable that mother in developing countries can use them everyday to replace flashlight and kerosene lamps. Soleilmicro branding is focused on “the needs of women and their children” for three reasons:

  • We are passionate about meeting the needs of women and their children.
  • By limiting the scope of work, the cost of the product remains low enough it can be sold in vast numbers all markets.
  • Campers, farmers, disaster victims, soldiers, homeless shelters, etc… can benefit from a "Personal Energy Server"™ as they benefit from their cell phone and personal computer.


There is no need to fear storms or hardships in a crisis anymore once you meet Soleilmicro.

Sunshine when you wish!

Category of the action

Decarbonizing energy supply

What actions do you propose?

There must be surely come a time when the world is going to have no choice but turning to Solar. We don't get a bill from the Sun do we? I propose that we start buying Solar panels, buying 'Rechargeable batteries' instead of 'Disposable batteries' and use a Charger like Soleilmicro System to charge lights, cell phones, and batteries and be 100% reliable on self. Although rechargeables have a higher up-front cost (about $30 for four AA batteries and a charger, compared with $3 for four disposable AAs), they can be recharged about 100 times, making them easier on your wallet in the long run, that’s where the positive come into.We have to engage more in the Solar industry and create a Coalition for all solar Inventors and or individuals to voice their opinions on inventing new projects.

Soleilmicro is willing to help the world One Light, One Charger, One Love at a time. 

Who will take these actions?

The Solar Industries, The Inventors, the countries, the Suppliers,  Soleilmicro team

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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