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Run a raffle that stimulates household consumers to be more efficient users of electricity and reward them with solar panel installations.



At the beggining of the raffle, an average of electricity consumption for the last 12th months for each household is calculated. For the duration of the competition at every billing cycle, each household receives an entry for X units of energy below their average for a change to win a solar panel installation.

Funding for the solar panel installation will come from the funds saved by the decreased need to invest in new energy generation and distribution.

Category of the action

Decarbonizing energy supply

What actions do you propose?

1) Education campaign on how to reduce and increase effifiency of energy use

2) Inception and on going management of the raffle

3) Solar panels installations

Who will take these actions?

1) Government energy departments to regulate scheme onto power generation and distribution companies

2) power generation and distribution companies to run the scheme

3) Households to decrease their power consumption

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?

1) Increase of a distributed energy grid

2) Replacement of inefficient household items can stimulate the economy

What are the proposal’s costs?

Fixed costs: Running the raffle

Variable costs: Solar panel installations. To limit the risk, the number of prizes available can be tied to the saving achieved.

Time line

Planning: 6 months

Pilot: 6 months

Rollout: 3 months

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