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UV-sensors can be installed in showers to determine the quality of water, thus, divert clean water to storage tanks for re-use.



At the household level, many people open the shower tap and wait for the hot water to arrive. It is estimated that the lost clean water may vary from 5-10 liters each time. On average, 3 persons taking 2 showers a day account for 15-30 liters lost water per day. Futhermore, many people have installed solar water heater on rooftop of thier houses. The pipe that bring water from the hot tank to the shower tap may range from 5-7 meters in some houses, thus, the time needed to get the hot water is prolonged, thus, clean water lost is even greater. 

Category of the action

Reducing consumption

What actions do you propose?

 Encourage the industry sector to produce UV-sensors that can be installed on the shower tap which can check the quality of water through the " atomic weight". For exmaple many shower gels contain sodium,if the sensor is able to detect sodium in water, then it opens new pipe to divert this water. However, if the sensor did not detect any chemicals, this means that he water is clean, which opens another pipe that takes the clean water to storage tank. People do not use chemicals in shower all the time, first 2 minutes for washing with pure water, and final 3-5 minutes are also for washing with clean water. some people just shower without any chemical, and some uses organic soaps ( oilve oil soap). Therefore, this invention would reduce the water consumption in households by at least 15%. Imagine what this invention might do in countries with dire water shoratge. 

Who will take these actions?

Companies who seek new invetions and innovations for creating new technologies, which opens new market and new economic opportunities.

goveronments in developing countries with dire fresh water shortages by making the sensors a law-abinding in future constructions and ecourage people through media outreach. 

Any entity that seek water conservation like SPAs, big hotels, sport centers. 

Where will these actions be taken?

At the domestic level: shower taps, sink taps

At industry level. 

At Tourisim Level. 

At the goveronmental Level. 

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

Reduce water bills

Reduce water consumption 

Reduce carbon emissions if water is pumped using fossil fuels 

Generate extra water for other household uses ( gardening, cleaning)

Make people feel great above themselves knowing that they are able to save water

create economic opportunity for the new invention, jobs and income

make us believe more in technological solutions to solve out problems.

Go step-forward  towards sustaianble societies 

Reduce the consumption of non-renewable water resources especially in developing countries

What are the proposal’s costs?

To conduct a study to check real waste water from taps at home and to check people perceptions toward this invention and whether they will support it. 

Calcualtions of the installtion costs at homes ( sensors, storage tank)

A grant to develop the censor and test it, maybe with the help of private comapnies. 

this is wont be very expensive. 


Time line

Within 2013, the sensor can be developed, tested, and finalized.

Commercialization comes after

Over all, one year from now and the product should be in the market.

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