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Coppice willow adjacent to cement plants.



If you want to convert the cement industry away from coal you must do it deftly with precision and some slight of hand. You build them a dust fence, an intentional forest to mitigate their airborne particulates and accidentally plant them a 20 year fuel supply in the process. You work with willow and sycamore and other native species coppiced for a variety of uses and raw materials in the area surrounding the plant and employ a few craftsmen to weave and waddle benches, gates, fences and shades and a farmers market pavilion in the shape of the Auerworld Palace. By the third year you would install a Talbotts BG100 converted to a 250 using an Infinity 250 genset for every 250 kw required or desired. You’d construct a park around the outer edge. You’d pipe leftover heat to The Kids for Peace indoor-outdoor heated soccer arena and olympic size municipal swimming pool. You’d call it the Pennywillow International Carbon Free Peace Park and serve Blanton’s in Julep cups over the willow casket of old king coal at the opening. You’d raise a toast to an age gone by and to a healthy community future, and to the proud new owners of the first fossil fuel free cement plant in the western hemisphere and the end of the cost, the varying cost of their electricity bill, forever. You’d donate the trees to get the job done and hire the Farmers Veterans Coalition to see it was run properly, with an eye toward stewardship and service. That’s what I would do if I were you and I’d do it now while Patriot coal is shoveling money to the University of Kentucky for ambiguous hemp research while burning and fracking us into an impoverished afterthought.

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Industrial Efficiency: Cement Industry

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