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2013localsolutionsjudges 2013localsolutionsjudges

Jul 5, 2013


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Well done proposal. This proposal has strong momentum behind it. A quantitative analysis of proposed product output would be an improvement, as well as describing project management tasks. Need to prove health of product, and specify that it doesn't compete with biodeisel fuel, instead compliments and encourages biodeisel production for fuel.

Tippy Tippens

Jul 15, 2013


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Thank you Local Solutions judges! I appreciate your comments! Certainly, I would be happy to provide our proposal of product output & project management. The intent is absolutely to compliment and encourage biodiesel production. In New Orleans, there are already companies who 1. Collect restaurants waste oil to become biodiesel & 2. Companies that locally produce biodiesel. It is our aim to add this third piece to bolster and create further value to these two existing services. Many thanks & all my best, Tippy Tippens