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Back Nine Food Forest by The Groundskeepers

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Pia Jensen

Jun 21, 2013


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I think this is a great idea that is very doable and could be replicated in other areas where parcels of land go underutilized. Empty lots, school grounds, government complex lawns, public lands' forest edges... could use diversification, forestation, food planting... especially with an eye on transforming places where water and pesticides are used... many sites could be utilized more productively.

Nelson Soucek

Jun 29, 2013


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Another brilliant idea my friend.

2013localsolutionsjudges 2013localsolutionsjudges

Jul 5, 2013


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An interesting proposal for underused land, but it seems that it would be politically extremely difficult to convince people to give something up. Also needs quantitative analysis for food per acre.