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Terragon the Co-creation game helps local stakeholders create together solutions for a sustainable and low carbon future.



Communities around the world are addressing global change at a local level. To this end, a large amount of co-creation is required to generate ideas, align goals and follow up progress. In addition, solving local challenges often involves diverse organisations, government and people from different backgrounds. These multiple stakeholders may not know each other, often have tight agendas, and may not be fully aware of the context of the challenge. Therefore, it is difficult, costly, and time consuming to make them reach a point where they can work together in synchrony.

Terragon the Co-creation Game is a platform that creates the right conditions for the emergence of collective creativity. The game removes the blockages that arise when working with strangers, saves considerable time of face-to-face meetings, and guides them through a co-creation process to find solutions and follow up their real challenges. The outcome is more ideas in a shorter amount of time, heightened team spirit, and concrete results. In addition, the online platform allows external advisors to participate and if implemented in other communities, they could share among each other the proposed solutions and strategies.

Terragon the Co-creation Game has already helped solve societal issues in the Netherlands and can be easily adapted for the Climate Change local solutions challenge.

Key actor

Grassroots neighborhood organizations

What actions do you propose?

Creating sustainable local solutions require the ideas, thoughts, and commitment from the community and sometimes local governments. Not one person has the solutions. The collective does, under the right conditions.

Co-creation means creating together. It is about sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and working together towards a common goal. Terragon the Co-creation Game can be used by local communities to come up with solutions adapted to their reality as well as to plan and follow up their progress. Once the main platform is implemented in a community, any game challenge can be created for different purposes. For example:

1) How can we use transition town principles in our community?

2) What are the concrete actions we need to take and who will be responsible?

3) What are the indicators of our progress?

Who will take these actions?

Ahead of the Game will adapt it’s current version of Terragon the Co-creation game to be used for local communities on their own.

Where will these actions be taken?

The game can be played remotely and at a location. The conclusion of each challenge can be done face-to-face, but they will have saved considerable time and effort by going through the co-creation process online.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

Terragon the Co-creation Game for Climate Change Local Solutions will create a link among main stakeholders in communities in transition to a sustainable future. As an additional benefit, they can connect with external experts and with other communities facing similar challenges.

It will help them devise better strategies and plans to transition and by solving the challenge together they can more easily reach consensus and get motivated to work on the solutions. The game also includes the creation and follow-up of a template to help the stakeholders align goals, coordinate actions and follow progress.

What are the proposal’s costs?

To fully scale the current game platform and to adapt the storyline will cost approximately $250,000. Once the platform is developed and the manual for facilitation is being created communities can use the game for only the costs of maintenance (operated by a non-profit entity).

However, minor adaptations to the current game and a small pilot game can be done for about $65,000.

Once the game platform for Local Solutions is implemented, any community can register for a minimal cost covering platform maintenance and servers (operated by a non-profit entity).

Time line

A full version of Terragon the Co-creation Game for Climate Local solutions can be ready in a maximum of 6 months.

Preparing the current version of the game for a small climate adaptation challenge can be done within one month.

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