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It is no secret that the Earth has spiraled out of control . The only option now is global protections and how to implement them.



How do you save the world?what does it take, superpowers? Psychic ability perhaps?; This project started with a single flaw. A news report that about soldiers that had died needlessly in the extreme heat of the Middle East. An image began to form in my head how is the flaw fixed? How could I alter the temperature threshold without damaging the structural integrity? Three months passed before the answer came and then it was solved in a weekend. Synthesized spidersilk (milking them takes too long) and combined with the aramid fiber creates the shockwave polymer. The best mankind can create combined with the power of nature is how we will survive the onslaught and leave a habitable inhertable planet for generations to come.

Key actor

Grassroots neighborhood organizations

What actions do you propose?

Tonight as I type this Hurrricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast so much destruction could have been prevented had this polymer been implemented earlier. What it costs to make this is nothing compared to what an estimated 60,000 affected americans are going to experience. Lives lost, homes lost, coastline eroded that cannot be restored. The ecological damage cannot be recovered. The hurricane track will make land fall over some over the most economically depressed part of the country. This is only one example of what I can do. I can build better first responder suits.Bridge escapes,Skyscraper escapes, retro fits and I have revolutionized them all. Natural disaters will become a thing of the past! 

Who will take these actions?

I design the innovations, but it is Americans that will implement them. Resdents in their respective states know their own backyards best. Since each state has signifgant issues and disasters they must address I hope to have a plant in every state.Americans built this country I have faith we can rescue it now.

Where will these actions be taken?

I live in Washington. I intend on staying here. The pacific northwest is an envionmentalist's hot zone. I am nestled in between a volcano, the cascadia subduction zone,  earthquakes and tsunamis. Other than that my goal is simple-provide services to anyone who may need them anytime, anywhere.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Not only will I have a crew of geologist, hydrologist, aerologist, plus a technical staff monitoring safety levels one each per regulated level.Ionizations filter through the air ducts so nothing escapes into the surrounding community.

What are other key benefits?

There has never been anything like it before. There is not even a CAS REGISTRY NUMBER.  

What are the proposal’s costs?

Innovation is not cheap.I have not finished the cost analysis. It looks like 500,000 per month per factory.That may be a kind estimate.

Time line


Initial idea06/21/11

flash of genius08/28/11

met first ip attorney10/07/11

filed provisional patent10/28/11

received November 21, 2011

filed next non-provisional patent10/26/2012

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