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Mike Matessa

Nov 20, 2012


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I like the well-referenced motivation for targeting carbon, ozone, and methane. But I'm a bit confused about what actions are proposed for grassroots organizations. Encouraging the use of cookstoves and repairing them seems like something that a small organization could do, but recovery of methane from coal, oil and gas extraction seems like something done by large companies or governments. Could you talk a little more about what specific actions that grassroots organizations could take?

James Greyson

Nov 21, 2012


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Cookstoves are an interesting example of how it's possible to go beyond zero waste. My stove at home is clean burning with carbon-negative 'waste' that's sequestered in the soil as biochar. Did you mean to capture methane from landfills? Or to phase out landfills in favour of composting and anaerobic digestion? You may like to see this allied proposal to implement zero waste economies immediately worldwide,

2013localsolutionsjudges 2013localsolutionsjudges

Jul 5, 2013


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An interesting proposal for the reduction of pollutants, but it needs a more detailed time line, project management summary, and budget.