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generate and control hurricanes to produce clouds to reflect the sun's rays back into space and provide water for drinking and agriculture.



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take a 20 mile diameter hula hoop floating in the ocean with fountain structures comparible to the ifle tower.  inside it'd have a fresh water waterway pushing against the outer hull that's being held in place like a cable bridge to withstand constant 80' waves that just releive the stress on the cables.  drive it to the middle of a tropical storm and shoot water out of the fountains at 100mph in the same direction that the winds of a hurricane would go because of the coriolis effect.  This will generate an eye wall to the thunderstorm which the bottom will stay connected to the fountain structure.  depending on how fast you shoot the water out and how high the fountain structure is you change the course of the structure 10-30mph.  clouds relfect the sun's rays into space over 75% some over 95% vs. the ocean which reflects only 5-10%.  enough clouds over the ocean to reflect enough rays and you end global warming.  position the clouds to reflect the rays that'd hit the artic ocean and cool that area more.  position it where clouds would rain over california for one week in between crop plantings at farmers choice and fill up reservoirs.  such a huge structure add steel plants and manufacturing which excess heat adds to the convection cycle.  collect the garbage in the ocean and make walls for houses or benches.  have sections dedicated to ocean research and nurseries for replenishing reefs and planting seaweed.  when rain forms it captures particles in the atmosphere including carbon which it transports down to the ocean surface so do plankton blooming behind where the structure goes.  with proper flood control captureing excess storm runoff and using for agriculture we can feed up to 20 billion people worldwide ending starvation while taking stress off the ocean.

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What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

Ending global warming.
Ending starvation for up to 20 billion then forever once we get into growing food in mass via space.
Preventing tornado's.
Reducing distructive heat, frost, flooding and drought on agriculture.
Prevent hurricanes from hitting land.
Clean the atmosphere in case of super volcano or asteroid hit.

What are the proposal’s costs?

$3-10 billion per structure, 5-10 structures.
World would need to spend $200-$500 billion on flood control. (Most of which could be done by the people who would otherwise starve to death.  flood control needs to be done anyways.)
$15-100 billion probably around $60 billion on mining/producing food in space.

Minimum of $3 billion to end global warming.
To $700 billion to end global warming, re-freeze the arctic and end starvation forever.

Time line

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