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Ocean Macroalgal Afforestation is a sustainable ecosystem, not geoengineering. Even so, it may be the fastest way to reverse CO2.



But winning a "geoengineering" contest is too likely to set a lot people against Ocean Afforestation.  Therefore, Ocean Foresters is withdrawing from the Geoengineering category.  You can find components of Ocean Afforestation in other contests entered by Ocean Foresters.

Ocean Macroalgal Afforestation (OMA or seaweed forests) is a holistic ecosystem for the closed ecosystem of spaceship earth.  As a holistic ecosystem it is sustainable while removing 50 billion tons/yr in every sense of the word:

Environmental sustainability addresses issues beyond solar radiation or carbon capture such as: species biodiversity, food, and energy.

Climate sustainability is a robust process unaffected by increasing CO2 nor a cause of droughts, floods, heat, cold, changing wind patterns, and ocean acidification.

Political sustainability improves the quality of life and opportunities in all countries.

Social sustainability counters the water, food, jobs, and natural disaster stresses of climate change.

Energy sustainability stores more carbon permanently with less than 10% of the energy generated.

Economic sustainability via multiple products from the seaweed forest ecosystem.

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