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Julia Eiferman

Jan 31, 2013


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Interesting proposal! It's a good point that the structures are already in place to gather this information. What would be the end goal of this dataset? Energy generation or something else? What would be the geoengineering application of the maps?

Jan Van Sickle

Jan 31, 2013


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The end would be locating geothermal energy generation plants in the right places

Michael Maccracken

May 3, 2013


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The terminology in our field can sometimes a bit confusing in having "mitigation" mean the reduction of emissions, and the term geoengineering not really be used to indicate that that is what greenhouse gas emissions from power plant combustion of coal, etc. are actually doing to the planet. With normal meanings of terms, it might naturally seem that a proposal to use the heat of the planet's interior to displace fossil fuel energy should be referred to by saying it is geoengineering. However, with the definitions that are conventional in the field, the proposal here, interesting as it is, is most appropriately classified as mitigation rather than geoengineering.