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Save the methane! by Ocean Foresters

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Jul 14, 2013


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This proposal is on the right track with regards to flare gas, however the proposal is incomplete. Much more information is needed regarding the cost and feasibility of"ocean afforestation" and an elaboration of the link between afforestation and methane reduction. There are serious questions regarding the feasibility of the proposal.

Mark Capron

Jul 14, 2013


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True. Thank you for noticing. Is your comment because we are not a finalist, or because we are a finalist, or judges are still evaluating? We have added a Table of Biographies of the Ocean Foresters to my profile. Our team includes more than twenty accomplished scientists and engineers. We are recruiting more and more disciplines. Substantial cost and feasibility information concerning ocean afforestation is provided in a published Elsevier journal paper and supplemental data "Negative carbon via Ocean Afforestation" available from Elsevier and bottom of the page If finalists in the "Fossil fuel sector," we would quantify the link between future seaweed forests (large forests and global supplies of bio-methane are 2-4 decades off) and the more immediate shift (within 1-2 decades) from coal and oil to methane and synthetic liquid fuels from methane. In addition to quantifying feasibility in "Fossil fuel sector," we are addressing issues and quantifying ocean afforestation feasibility in Ocean Foresters finalist entries for "Hydraulic fracturing," "Scaling Renewables ...," "Replacing diesels," and "Agriculture and forestry."