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2013enablingadaptationjudges 2013enablingadaptationjudges

Jul 3, 2013


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Thanks for your submission! Your on-the-ground approach adds an interesting dimension to the contest. Moving forward, it would be great to hear some specific examples of how you envision the mechanics of Photovoice playing out. What sorts of things are being photographed? How do these photos reach key stakeholders? Further, we are interested to have some more context - is this primarily an adaptation effort, or just a smaller piece of a larger puzzle? Why Siquijor in particular? In the future, we encourage you to post your idea earlier in the process to facilitate feedback and collaboration along the way. Finally, we would like to see all proposal authors anticipate some potential limitations of their approach or other challenges to implementation, then discuss potential strategies for meeting those challenges. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yanjun Cai

Jul 10, 2013


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Thanks for your questions. They are all critical and inspiring. I am addressing them for the revision. I aim to conduct this project as a pioneering piece, making it applicable for larger and different communities as well. I believe the visuals speak more with less limitations. Please keep me posted if you have more questions and comments.

Mark Capron

Aug 18, 2013


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This is one of the few entries in the entire Climate CoLab contest giving voice developing country people. Much of the inertia in the developed world comes from our reluctance to confront the injustice of our having inflicted the developing world (and our own children) with the consequences of our addition to fossil fuels. Photovoice could quickly spread throughout the world as a powerful persuader. Many people go through life with "blinders" on. They seek only to find information fitting the "platform" of those who they identify with. A flood of Photovoice might flush them out of their rut.

Ben Sullivan

Mar 12, 2014


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Would like to learn more! Looks very interesting. I can imagine playing some of the video at our community 'movie nights' focused on energy issues here on Kauai this summer. I hope your project is successful and helps people get a better look at the broad impacts of climate change around the world. Mahalo!