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2013enablingadaptationjudges 2013enablingadaptationjudges

Jul 3, 2013


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Thanks for your submission! This is a bold proposal that incorporates several interesting ideas, from data hub to evaluation to crowd-funding to facilitating resource-sharing and collaboration. We would be excited to see you expand on some of these ideas further, with some concrete examples of potential applications. Due to the challenge of fully fleshing out all of these ideas it may be useful to pick a subset for the purposes of this contest, though it is not unreasonable to think that all of these ideas could eventually coexist in one place. In the future, we encourage you to submit your idea earlier on to facilitate potential collaboration and feedback along the way. We would also like to see all proposal authors anticipate some potential limitations of their approach or other challenges to implementation, then discuss potential strategies for meeting those challenges. Please let us know if you have any questions.